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New Car Battery or Repair

South Denver Automotive, Denver Colorado 80222


new car battery South Denver AutomotiveThere's nothing worse than getting into your car only to find out that you have a dead battery. So come to South Denver Automotive for a new car battery or repair. We'll test it out, along with the electrical system to find the exact issue, whether it's actually your battery, starter, alternator or other component. And if repairs or replacements are needed, we can typically take care of everything on the same day.


To avoid the inconvenience of a battery issue, we always recommend that our customers keep an eye out for signs that your battery may need some TLC:

  • The infamous slow crank – your car is sluggish and takes more time than usual to turn over
  • It doesn't look right – look for low fluid, corrosion gunk on posts, or swelling of the casing
  • You don't remember buying it – if it reaches the three-year mark, get it inspected frequently
  • Check engine light – this warning lamp can point to a number of issues, including the battery


car battery South Denver AutomotiveOne thing to remember. Here in Colorado, we have true weather extremes. Blazing hot summers and bone-chilling winters. This can cause your battery to have a shorter life, so don't wait for the hottest or coldest day of the year to stop by South Denver Automotive for a new car battery or repair. We will:

  • Inspect all parts and diagnose the issue
  • Repair electrical issues if needed
  • Replace the starter or alternator if needed
  • Advise you on choosing the right battery
  • Professionally install your battery


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AC Delco Denver Instead of having to call into work because your car won't start, get it professionally inspected by our team at South Denver Automotive. We'll provide a new car battery or repair and get you back on the road with a healthy car that won't leave you stranded.



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